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[BKARTS] buying a press

I'm a new member and new to letterpress, although I have had an
etching press for years now and have worked in the graphic
arts/publishing industry for 20+ years. I am wondering about what the
best method is for purchasing a letterpress, used of course. Does
anyone have an opinion about printequip.com or purchasing from ebay?
Or any other ideas? I'm not even sure whether I want a Vandercook or
a C & P or whatever. I want  to use photopolymer plates, as that is
what I use on my etching press. I do drawings that I scan in and use
Photoshop to make into "print friendly" output. I am interested in
printing halftone, stochastic and mezzotint images as well as type
and invitations (etc). I think I need a 10 x 15 or bigger, but can
probably do with a smaller one to start. I'm considering a
refurbished 6 x 10 C&P right now for $1000. I'd really appreciate any
help or comments. I was so happy to find pp letterpress group!

--Jan Ziegler

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