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Re: [BKARTS] buying a press

Jan and Mark,

For suggestions on which letterpress to purchase, and how much to pay, a
good place to start would probably be the Introduction to Letterpress
Printing that has been prepared based on a lot of questions and answers
from this list, PP Letterpress, and (particularly) Letpress (the primary
Internet mailing list for letterpress printers.) You can read the latest
version at:


In a nutshell, $1000 for a C&P is pretty steep, and it may, or may not,
be the right press for you. Take a look at the Intro, and then come back
to us with questions; there certainly are a lot of folks here who would
be delighted to help you!

-David S. Rose
 Five Roses Press
 New York, NY

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> I'm considering a
> refurbished 6 x 10 C&P right now for $1000. I'd really appreciate any
> help or comments.

I'm also looking to buy a press, though only for hot-metal. Based on a
limited survey (so far) I'd say that Price was a little steep. I've had
8x11 offered me for $400, and I've seen a Challenger-Gordon for $800.
I've just started looking.

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