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Re: [BKARTS] guard sewn

I have been making guard-sewn albums using the excellent instructions in
Laurence Town's BOOKBINDING BY HAND, long out of print. You might be lucky
enough to find a used copy on bookfinder.com.

I have scanned the pages on guard sewing and will be glad to send them to
any of you who are interested and can receive HTML messages. For those of
you who can't, I will be glad to print them and mail them if you will give
me your mailing address plus $1 for postage and printing.

You may have to wait a while because I am very busy with other things that
can't wait.

Betty Storz

Betty Storz
Repair & Restoration
PO Box 542
Mendocino, CA 95460
707-937-2202   storz@xxxxxxx

"An education without common sense
is nothing more than a bunch of books
on the back of an ass!"

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From: "Edward Stansell" <CraftBook@xxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: [BKARTS] guard sewn

> A.
> I have never seen it described in "how to" books.  This use of the word
> was the first way I ever heard it applied to books.  I had probably made
> guard-sewn books and  blankbooks for 25 year before I heard of a
> binding edge applied to a book page being refered to as a "guard."
> The most common type of guard is the "single" or "cut-guard."  It consists
> four strips of light-weight board (about .025) laid parallel with the
> space being appoximately 1/8" and the two outer spaces somewhat less.
> boards are sandwiched between two strips of cloth.
> One section of a book is sewn to each guard; sewing through the center
> After all the sewctions are sewn onto guards. the guards are folded back
> the text-block is costructed by oversewing them all onto tapes. Sewing
> the outer spaces.
> This description gives you only a idea of what guard sewing is. To use
> in binding blankbooks is (I think)  more complex.
> Guards have been used in various ways. If you have ever examined an
> photo album (non-loose leaf) you have probably seen a guard-sewn book.
> Ed Stansell
> <A

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