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Re: [BKARTS] buying a press

You may want to look at the Miehlie V-50 or V-50X
presses now being offered in various places, the parts
are hard to find, but you get Vandercook quality, with
platten press speed.

--- Jan Ziegler <jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks, everyone who supplied info on my press
> purchase. Funny, I
> thought I was subscibed to the PP letterpress
> listserve, that's the
> portal that I went through (I thought) to subscribe.
> I will try
> again. On the Vandercook: I had read a message that
> talked about the
> Vandercook being better for art and halftone work,
> so I suspected
> that might be the press for me. Not as romantic, but
> the proof is the
> proof.
> Jan

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