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Re: [BKARTS] buying a press


I checked the membership roles over at PPLetterpress and yes, you are a
member and according to your mailing preferences should be receiving
individual purchases. So is Mark actually. Any messages you receive from
the list would be marked with [PPLetterpress] in the header.


Note: PPL is NOT a general letterpress forum (nor a traditional
listserv) and was never meant to be. From its description... A forum on
studio-letterpress printing with digital type and the photopolymer plate
process, as well as other investigative printing and typographic
techniques. PPLetterpress serves as both a discussion list and reference
site with comprehensive links and other resources on photopolymer, type
and typography, fine printing, technological developments, and
experimental and traditional/historical processes.

In regard to the press. One of the advantages of the Vandercook is that
it has a very large bed size for the money. It is very simple to use and
provides a very high quality print. Vandercooks can be picked up quite
cheaply and you do not need to be "rich" to own one. Though used
letterpress equipment prices have about doubled lately (mainly because
of web frenzy and some shrewd manipulation of it by dealers), money
spent on the press is quickly recoverable if you are doing any kind of
marketable work. These are reproduction proof presses however, and were
not designed for editioning and that is where their weakness is
revealed. But with your experience as a printmaker, I would suspect this
would be less of a problem.


Thanks, everyone who supplied info on my press purchase. Funny, I
thought I was subscibed to the PP letterpress listserve, that's the
portal that I went through (I thought) to subscribe. I will try
again. On the Vandercook: I had read a message that talked about the
Vandercook being better for art and halftone work, so I suspected
that might be the press for me. Not as romantic, but the proof is the


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