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Re: [BKARTS] buying a press

Hi Mark,
Sorry if I was rude, I'm new and still figuring out how to respond to
this list. I'm not sure if I'm suppose to hit the reply button or
make a new message to the list owner, or reply directly to individual
email addresses. I'm trying the reply button this time and we'll see
where this message goes. I don't want to clutter up the listserve,
but maybe that's just how it works.

I guess I've decided that a Vandercook is going to suit my needs
better than a platen type press so I am not considering the C & P
anymore. Plus, when you said it was a bit overpriced I decided to
look further, anyway. I plan to use mostly Photopolymer plates and
from what Gerald has said to me and from other things I've read, the
Vandercook is the better choice for that application.

Thanks for listening and replying to my query. Now, I'm off to my
letterpress workshop in Los Angeles. Gotta make the drive from Santa
Barbara. Got my new Daniel Lanois cd to keep me company. Happy
solstice everyone!    --Jan

From: "Mark Wilden" <mark@xxxxxxxxxxx>

 > I'm considering a
 > refurbished 6 x 10 C&P right now for $1000.

Based on a very limited survey (so far) I'd say that Price was a little

Hel-LO? Is this thing on? <tap><tap>

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