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Re: [BKARTS] buying a press

From: "Jan Ziegler" <jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Sorry if I was rude, I'm new and still figuring out how to respond to
> this list.

No, you weren't rude at all, Jan.

> >>  Based on a very limited survey (so far) I'd say that Price was a
> >steep.
> >
> >Hel-LO? Is this thing on? <tap><tap>

I'd just made a little joke, and was wondering if anyone got it. :)

Silly of me, and I'm sorry I made it sound like you did something wrong.

> I guess I've decided that a Vandercook is going to suit my needs
> better than a platen type press so I am not considering the C & P
> anymore.

Same here!

> Plus, when you said it was a bit overpriced I decided to
> look further, anyway. I plan to use mostly Photopolymer plates and
> from what Gerald has said to me and from other things I've read, the
> Vandercook is the better choice for that application.

Absolutely. I will accept a Challenge 15MA, as well.

> Thanks for listening and replying to my query. Now, I'm off to my
> letterpress workshop in Los Angeles.

Sounds like a great time--have fun!!

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