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Re: [BKARTS] guard sewn


I am located in Delaware.

I am very familiar with making guard-sewn books. Before computers took over 
record keeping, we were very busy making county and state record books. I never 
counted them, but I, personally, must have made nearly 2,000 of them. And, we 
were a small bindery.  Today, I am a one man shop. I moved what equipment I 
needed to my home and have operated out of my garage/house for 28 years. 

There use to be a very large blankbook maker in Cincinnati, I believe it was 
called the Ohio Blankbook Company. I think they moved to Lexington, KY shortly 
before going out of business. 

You can still buy guards from Gane Brothers & Lane.  I sometimes make my own 
when I need just a few. I prefer continuous guards.  They make a much more 
durable book, though they are somewhat more difficult to work with.

Ed Stansell
Craft Bookbinding Co.

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