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[BKARTS] confusion

Pardon a very ignorant question and I'm hoping it has a simple
answer.  In my personal experience and understanding of printing, I
skipped straight from the 'old days' of printing - which consisted of
metal letters/words slotted into frames backwards, inked and printed
- and also engraving, aka wedding invitations - from there it seems
the world went right fast forward to computer-inkjet-laser printer.

So I don't understand what you-all are referring to as 'letterpress'
and how can you buy one for $400?  Is this what the local printshop
is using these days?  I know that with both ink-jet and laser
printers the ink sits on the surface of the paper, although I
understand the mechanism is different.  Does letterpress in some way
impress the ink into the paper?  and how?  Tx - enquiring minds want
to know.
Henrietta in Blue Hill, Maine

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