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Re: [BKARTS] confusion


Presses can be picked up quite inexpensively... free sometimes. The free ones
are usually up a flight of stairs or in a basement. Just this week I obtained
my first press, a Chandler & Price 10x15 New Style. Luckily it was in a
ground floor basement with easy access... and free. I had to drive from
Northampton, MA to south of Syracuse to get it, rent a trailer, buy some tools I didn't
have on hand... so there was an expense involved. If you are interested in
learning more about letterpress you should check out the Briar Press website. <A HREF="http://www.oneart.com/briarpress/index.shtml";>

I recall a quote (can't remember who it was attributed to) that said artists
are generally on the cutting or trailing edge of technology (mostly the
latter). They are either experimenting and testing the boundaries of new technology
or use the equipment that was once ubiquitous in industry and use it for art.

Kindest regards,

Joe Bullock
Coleopteran Press

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