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Re: [BKARTS] confusion


        Katie has given you a marvelously concise explanation of where
letterpress fits into the printing pantheon, and Joe has correctly
directed you to the Briar Press web site, which is the primary source
these days for letterpress resources. Two other places to note are the
PHILOBIBLON site maintained by Peter Verheyen (the moderator of this
list) which is referenced at the bottom of this--and every---BOOK_ARTS-L
message, and my own "Introduction to Letterpress Printing" guide, the
current version of which can be obtained at:


        This guide is a relatively thorough primer and starting point
for anyone interested in getting started with letterpress, and it has a
pretty exhaustive set of links to people, places and things that will
prove helpful in getting you up to speed on this most marvelous 'Black

        Good luck, and welcome to the club!

-David S. Rose
 Five Roses Press
 New York, NY

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Pardon a very ignorant question and I'm hoping it has a simple
answer.  In my personal experience and understanding of printing, I
skipped straight from the 'old days' of printing - which consisted of
metal letters/words slotted into frames backwards, inked and printed
- and also engraving, aka wedding invitations - from there it seems
the world went right fast forward to computer-inkjet-laser printer.

So I don't understand what you-all are referring to as 'letterpress'
and how can you buy one for $400?  Is this what the local printshop
is using these days?  I know that with both ink-jet and laser
printers the ink sits on the surface of the paper, although I
understand the mechanism is different.  Does letterpress in some way
impress the ink into the paper?  and how?  Tx - enquiring minds want
to know.
Henrietta in Blue Hill, Maine

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