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[BKARTS] paper

Dear List,

I recently finished a book using fabriano paper that I got from an art supply
store.  I didn't feel like it was the right paper after I was finished. It
had a nice enough quality, but I know that another paper would have given a
better effect.   So, now I realized also that I would really like to know paper,
so that I can order paper that does what I want it to do and not depend on what
happens to be available at an art supply store.    I'm also thinking that
paper can probably be classified and characterized so that I could keep a paper
sample book that really worked.  I have one paper sample book from Neenah
paper, but it seems somewhat limited in scope to me. Does anyone out there have
information about how I can get an education in paper?  I was thinking that maybe
I could learn from an individual who I could take classes from in paper?  Or
I don't know. Any ideas?  I'm in New York City.


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