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Re: [BKARTS] paper

In a message dated 6/22/03 4:20:05 AM, AudHill57@xxxxxxx writes:

<< I'm in New York City. >>


Fabriano is a beautiful paper, but I can imagine that it might have been too
stiff for a small book.

There are great resources where you are. I'd go over to NYCentral Art supply
and buy some paper sample books of paper you like so you can have them "at
hand" when you need them. I'd also start keeping a paper sample book of things
you like. You really need to have a "paper library" of papers you like. This is
easier than it sounds. You might go over to Center for Book Arts in Soho and
talk to some people there. Maybe someone there can give you a few "off cuts"
(scraps) of paper they like. I believe they have a paper catalog as well.

Another resource is the Daniel Smith art supply catalog, www.danielsmith.com,
which has photos and statistics and suggested use for the papers they sell.

Like everything, its a journey. Have fun. Paper is a great subject. And don't
be afraid to spend some money on a paper you like, and play with it. I often
buy a single sheet of something I like so I can just have it around the studio.


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