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Re: [BKARTS] paper

Hi Audrey - Though much of what I know about paper comes from having used it
for various projects, one of the best sources I know of (and in NYC) is New
York Central Art Supply. Their paper department is extensive, and the personnel
very knowledgeable. In 1988 I worked with someone there (not sure she is still
there) who, on the basis of my description of what color, weight and
properties the paper needed to have, sent me two separate mailings of samples to look
at. When I narrowed it down, she then sent me full sheets so that I could see
if they held up under the actual usage. I chose one, ordered it and she
reserved the remainder of what was a vintage paper (by Barcham Green) for my use in
case it was needed. She was very interested in the project itself and really
threw herself into the process of helping me find the perfect paper for my
book. "Some Mountains" was produced at Pyramid Atlantic later that year.

Many paper distributors, some art supplier and some not, are willing to give
you a specialized sample book if you tell them what you expect to use the
papers for. Daniel Smith in Seattle is one such, William Kinsella in St. Louis
another. Hope this helps. Barbara Harman

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