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Re: [BKARTS] photopolymer plates

Photopolymer plates can be used for either relief or intaglio printing.  If
used for relief printing, the area not to be printed is washed away, and the
surface which stands proud is inked with a brayer, resulting in an indented
image.  If prepared for intaglio, the areas to be printed are washed away,
ink is applied over the whole surface and cleaned off of the surface standing
proud.  When put through a press, the paper pushes into the crevices and
picks up the ink, resulting in an image that stands proud.

So in short - it could be either!  Depends on how you prepare the plate and
by which method you print it *Printmaking in the Sun* is the best book I've
run across on photopolymer plate printing.  If anyone knows of a better
source of info, let me know!


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