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[BKARTS] Guarded binding

To conclude the thread on Guarded Bindings, I would like to make a few

1. In addition to thanking me, as many of you have already done, please
remember to send your appreciation also, off list, to Jules Siegel, who
provided space on his web site so you could all receive the instructions on
classic album binding. His e-mail address: siegel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2. I want to make it clear that the thread names we have been using, Guard
Sewn, Binding on Guards, Guarded binding,  etc., have been used
interchangeably. I should have made it clear that Laurence Town's
instructions are for "UNSEWN albums with single or double guards."

Ed Stansell and William Minter write about a different technique using SEWN
guards, equally legitimate, used to provide particularly strong bindings for
official county records and other similar applications. I have a call in to
Gane Bros. and will let you know what I find out this afternoon. I would
appreciate illustrated instructions, or a source, from Ed or Bill, if



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