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Re: [BKARTS] Paper

Hello Audrey,
New York City has many fine art (a fair enough pun, no?) stores, and as
others have mentioned, by far the best for paper is NY Central on 3rd
Avenue and 11th Street. They know their stock and are very helpful. I
once went there with a small corner of a piece of paper that I wanted
more of and they figured out what it was.
Fabriano has many different types of papers, so a different weight might
work better. Their watercolor paper alone has weights from 90 to 300,
cold press and hot press.

Sylvie Turners book, WHICH PAPER is full of great info. I also bought
the newer hard cover version thru John Neal Booksellers for a very nice

The Center for Book Arts left NoHo some years ago and is now at 28 W27
Street, 3rd floor. Its always a good place for book artists.
Susan Rotolo

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