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Re: [BKARTS] equipment in the south


Just so you know it might be a possibility, I will be moving my press (C&P
10x15 NS) down from Northampton, MA to Ormond Beach, FL sometime in September.
I'll be renting a fairly large truck to move mine, along with some assorted
belongings, but there will be enough room if you find something up here.  You
might want to check with John Barrett of Letterpress Things or other listmembers
in my area. I have a storage unit in Hadley, MA, if a press should become
available up here in the interim. I might be able to save you a little money in
the transportation costs, and I am certain there would be more chance of finding
a suitable press up here.

Kindest regards,

Joe Bullock
Coleopteran Press

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