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Re: [BKARTS] Guard sewn

Gane Bros. carries the Old Style Portland Guards. They consist of a heavy
manila type paper laminated to cotton drill cloth. Every 3/8" there is an
"alternating slit and slot type." It is sold in 19" wide rolls, 25 yds long
at 19.77/yd, minimum 5 yards.

This is far too expensive for me and also for other small binders. I'm sure,
if I were to order 5 yards at $108.85 I'd still have at least 4 yards left
at the end of my career as a binder. Because I'm curious about the stuff, I
asked for a sample, which Gane is sending to me. I'm hoping Ed Stansell will
be able to find or produce some illustrations to go with his instructions
for handmade guards.


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