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[BKARTS] upcoming workshop

Wrapping Text and Images, from history to art, integrating
disciplines through book construction techniques(1.2 CEUs available)
Consider the book as a vessel.  It may contain a story; it possesses
a mechanism that opens and closes to the viewer; and, it can be
handled and experienced intimately through one's own direct senses of
touch and sight. Now, imagine how many possible evolutions and
interpretations it can take from its initially recognized form...

Wrapping Text and Images is a workshop for classroom teachers of all
disciplines.  The book naturally goes hand-in-hand with images and
text messages, and the curricular connections of this art form with
language arts, history, and visual narrative are natural.  Precise
measuring puts those math skills to use!  Language arts and history
teachers can use handmade books as inspiration for their students
personal or historical writings, linking directly to desired outcomes
of the fourth and sixth grade proficiency exams.

Participants in this 12-hour, intensive workshop experience will:
learn the physiology of the book; be provided a basic foundation in
visual design; view examples of various forms of art books; and,
produce small book dummies using several binding styles that can be
applied to the classroom.  Detailed instructions will be provided so
that these methods can be remembered and utilized with your
intermediate or middle school aged students.  Participants will walk
away with the skill to complete this project in their classroom as
well as create a connection to their schools visual arts curriculum.

Dates and time:                 Monday - Wednesday, July 28 - 30 *
9:00am - 1:00pm
Instructor:                     Jennifer Evans Kinsley
Cost:                   $65 Friends of DAC fee/ $75, general registration fee
Registration Deadline:  July 21, 2003
Materials:              please bring with you to the workshop:
                       * a Lineco Bone Paper Folder and Scorer,
available at Dick Blick
                       *interesting, short writings or text you'd
like to try to place in a book
                       *small (2" or less) photo-copied images that
you like and might
                         want to use in a book
                       *decorative papers you have collected or
created (wrapping papers,
                         printed or scrapbook papers, drawings,
watercolor paintings,
                         marbled, finger painted, or paste painted papers)
                       *a favorite pair of small scissors
                       *Exacto or Olfa cutting knife and cutting
mat, if you have one
                       *backs of tablets (grey or brown dense
cardboard - NOT corrugated
                         cardboard or posterboard)
                       *a few used manilla file folders

Jennifer Evans Kinsley is a book artist who resides in Granville. A
licensed art educator, she has taught special needs students from
primary to adult, and provided art instruction in classroom, museum,
community settings, and in her home studio. She has also taught art
education and children's literature methods classes at the college
level. Jennifer is currently Art Director of THE WORKS- Ohio Center
for History, Art and Technology, located in Newark, Ohio.
Carol Argiro, Education Director
Dublin Arts Council
7125 Riverside Drive
Dublin, Ohio  43016

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