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[BKARTS] Stolen Manuscript Book Found By British Researcher

Stolen Manuscript Book Found By British Researcher

Anadolu Agency: 6/24/2003

KONYA - Muhiddin Arabi's book ''Kitab-ul Ba'', which was among the
books stolen from Yusuf Aga Library in Konya province three years
ago, will be brought to Turkey by the contributions of Ibn-i Arabi
Society in Britain.

Meanwhile, stolen 102 manuscripts, seven rare printed books and 63
golden inlaid covers, which experts still cannot understand how they
were made, have not been found yet.

The robbery in historical Yusuf Aga Library was revealed on April 5,
2000 and it was understood that 103 manuscripts, seven rare printed
books and 63 golden inlaid covers were stolen.

There were books of Sadrettin Konevi and other writers' and
intellectuals' books on astronomy and Islamic sciences, besides the
book of Muhiddin Arabi among the stolen books.

Prof. Dr. Mikail Bayram, Head of History Department of Selcuk
University, and experts set the price of stolen works of art as 11
trillion Turkish Liras.

Stolen works of art, which had been searched in all over the world by
Interpol, could not be found until last year. Stephen Hirtenstein,
member of Muhiddin Arabi Society in London, realized that Muhiddin
Arabi's ''Kitab-ul Ba'' was taking place in a catalog of an auction
hall. He held contact with Culture Ministry of Turkey and the library
from which the book was stolen.

Ali Can, head of Precious Artifacts of Culture and Tourism Ministry,
told A.A. correspondent that the book, which was delivered to Turkish
Embassy in London, had not reached Turkey yet as legal procedures
were not completed.

Konya Regional Manuscript Arts Library Director Bekir Sahin said that
Hirtenstein and the Society had important efforts in bringing the
book to Turkey and they continuously gave information about the work
of art, adding that they also sent samples from book via internet.

Sahin said that he was very pleased with the efforts of Society for
returning the book to library.

Prof. Dr. Bayram said that Muhiddin Arabi explained in ''Kitab-ul
Ba'' the secrets of letter ''Ba'' which changed the meaning of verbs
when it was put in front or back of them in Arabic language. He added
that the book of Arabi, who still caused debates with his
metaphysical views, was unique.




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