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[BKARTS] Beaded Bindings

I was very fortunate to take a class from Miriam Schaer last year while she
was in California on the beaded spine. You have seen nothing on beaded spines
until you have seem Miriam's books.

I ran with it. With her kind permission, I added this type of spine to what I
teach. This weekend I taught this book at The Carnegie Art Museum. Everyone
just loved the book as much as I do. I can say that all my students walk away
loving this book! I currently teach in Downey, CA if anyone is interested.
Miriam is on the east coast.

This gives me an opportunity to publicly congratulate her on her latest
successes. Keep going, Mimi!

Jennifer, may I ask why you needed a URL for the technique or to see the
different methods of beading?

Beadingly yours,

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