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[BKARTS] Peter Waters

It is with sadness that I relay the information that Peter Waters died Thursday
of this week. At Peter's insistence, there will be no memorial service, funeral,
etc. The family will have a very small, private gathering on Sunday afternoon.

It was a late diagnosis of the rare cancer Mesothelioma in the wall of the
Pleural Cavity. This cancer is related to exposure to asbestos and can
be in the body for decades before flaring up, and then it is usually too
late. If the person survives long enough, this Mesothelioma kind of cancer
gets more and more painful, to the point where no drugs can adequately
fight it. At least Peter was spared that. Hospice was brought in to help
both him and his family.

For those who might not know, Peter was the highly respected Head of
Conservation for the Library of Congress for many years in addition to being
a noted bookbinder. Sheila Waters, his wife, is one of the leading calligraphers
in the world. Julian Waters, one of their children, is one a renown calligrapher
and typographer, known, among so many other talents, for his work at
National Geographic and on USA postage stamps. FYI, Julian's website:

For those who might wish to extend their sympathies:
Sheila Waters
851 Boyle Road - Fairfield PA 17320

Julian Waters
23707 Woodfield Road - Gaithersburg MD 20882

Phyllis Petersen / Fayetteville NC

The tears we shed are not unlike the rain,
that turns the brown earth green again.
(George) Santayana

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