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Re: [BKARTS] Adana Press Information Wanted

So far as I know, the Adana Horizontal Quarto (HQ) was only ever sold in the
one size, though I believe there were slightly larger sizes tried out. Bob
Richardson, on the LETPRESS listserve, will know more. There is a good amount of
history of the Adana presses in the archive of that group, at
http://listserv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/archives/letpress.html and Bob published a short history as
one of the British Printing Society monographs (the BPS website is

The HQ is a useful little press for demonstrating printing in schools, etc.,
especially as it is easily carried. It does not have the inking power of cast
iron presses, however. Second hand models are not too difficult to obtain in
the UK. Caslon (http://www.caslon.co.uk) still market new Adana 8x5s, but not
HQs, I think.

David Bolton
The Alembic Press, Oxford, UK

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