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Re: [BKARTS] Article: "STATE of THE BOOK"

Alrighty then... I think a good deal of the confusion here resulted from a
lack of clarity in the initial message to the list which led to the
subsequent follow-up... See below:

Hello folks! It's FINALLY on my personal webspace online, so  email me if
you want to see the article: STATE of the B O O K in the literary journal
RAPPORTAGE, published by The Lancaster Literary Guild of PA---and I'll
immediately forward the link! To those of you who were waiting to see
it--sorry it took so long, and, --sorry I lost the list of your email
addresses! Regards, Olivia

Olivia Hibel * Pittsburgh PA *


At 10:50 PM 6/29/2003 -0400, you wrote:
Here it is for you to read !!  It's on my personal web storage space--not a
real website!  This is only for your own information thus far. So far  THE
LINK CANNOT BE PUT ONLINE OR REPUBLISHED because of copyright issues--the
magazine is for sale in hard copy! Regards, Olivia

When mentioning things like this, something I encourage, PLEASE provide complete information, such as the URL, rather than offering to post it later. Doesn't take much effort. For what it's worth, the URL for Rapportage is <http://www.lancasterliteraryguild.com/rapportage.html>. Likewise, if one has a "personal web page" where something might be published , include the URL to that. In this case, one could not be found via Google, other than a site for a bookshop on ABE's site. If there are no web links, and the piece (article, supply, whatever) available, include specific information on where to find it. Also, because of the way people read the list (As it comes, digest, off the web), it might not have been clear to them that the article was unavailable online.

As for copyright, that is a different issue, but unless the author
specifically signed it away (not that uncommon in the journal world) that
author still owns it.

So, my request, if posting something, please provide complete information
from the beginning...

Thanks for your cooperation.

Peter Verheyen

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