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Re: [BKARTS] Hollanders in Ann Arbor

Thanks, Jennifer!  I got one negative review and your
message so far.  I love Paper Source, though it is a
bit expensive, I think.  I wanted to go to Aiko's the
last time I was in town but didn't make it.  Where is
it located, actually?  I'm from Chicago originally but
am now in L.A.  I'll be in Chitown for the AARP
convention, but once I set up my booth, I'll have some
free time before the conference starts.  I've been to
Columbia - what an inspiration!

I'd like to get a paper press.  I'm using my large
Smith and Hawken flower press and it works pretty
well, but it's not large enough.  I'm thinking of
getting a sewing frame, but not sure how much I'll use
it.  So far, I have not done the groove type binding -
just saw it in my UCLA book structure class.

I appreciate your comments and will see how it goes...


--- Jennifer Thom <jenniferthom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I live in Chicago and even though I love going to
> Paper Souce and Aiko's (make sure you stop in while
> here) Hollander's is worth a visit. They have far
> more in store than on the web site. I have taken
> classes there and just done shopping when home to
> visit family. The inventory is great and the staff
> knowledgeable and helpful. I've found several items
> that I could not get my hands on in Chicago. It is
> located in KerryTown Market and you can stop off and
> get Korean food on the first floor when you are done
> loading up on paper...
> Have fun!
> Judith Delgado <delgadojx@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Has anyone been to Hollanders in Ann Arbor,
> Michigan?
> Ever since I found the Hollanders website, I have
> longed to pay them a visit. I will be in Chicago and
> am seriously considering a trip to Ann Arbor (4-5
> hours away). They do not have any classes that
> weekend (it's the Labor Day weekend)but I may go
> anyway to see the tools and materials.
> I'm wondering if it's worth the drive....
> Judi in L.A.
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