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[BKARTS] FOR SALE: used Captair Toxicap 1200 ductless filtering fume hood

FOR SALE: Captair Toxicap 1200 ductless filtering fume hood
PRICE: $3,000
SELLER: Milbank Memorial Library at Teachers College, Columbia
LOCATION: New York City. It would be ideal to sell to someone in the
region who could pick this equipment up. Shipping might be possible, but
we are looking to move it out of our library ASAP.
DETAILS: This equipment is a few years old (Feb 2000) and in excellent
condition. However, its filters are due to be replaced, and depending on
the application, this could be a significant additional expense . . .
but the price is right! And this allows you to customize the equipment
to your needs. Photos are available if you email me, but frankly, it
looks just like the one online at the Captair site (see link below).
EXTERNAL SIZE: 56.5" H x 27" D x 50.625" W
INTERNAL SIZE: 43.75" H x 25.625" D x 46.5" W
Contact Captair (Erlab) for more information on this product
(http://www.captair.com <http://www.captair.com/> ). 
Contact me, Brian Hughes, if you are interested in purchasing it.
(Initial contact by email preferred. Note: I will be unavailable from
July 2nd-8th, but don't hesitate to email me in the meantime.)
Brian Hughes
Milbank Library Associate
Tel: (212) 678-3069
Fax: (212) 678-3029
Email: bhughes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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