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Re: [BKARTS] Reflections on bookart and commerce

If you're thinking of these works as artist's books, in that your vision is
communicated to the "reader" by way of the accumulation of the text, images,
binding, materials, etc. (as you wrote about in the description of your
concept), it seems like a pretty big departure to exchange the binding for
one that is so at odds with your overall idea.

Since your concept is admittedly subtle and likely to be lost on a potential
buyer, as it evidently is on your dealer, I agree with Jen's idea of
building value in other ways via more information, a funky housing that
builds on your original vision, etc.

If his clients are interested in a certain type of binding, maybe another
title would be more suitable to that as a separate project and you could
capitalize on both. (?)


Roberta Lavadour
Pendleton, Oregon

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