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[BKARTS] Advice on an 'altered book'

I've just finished what is known as an 'altered book'.  It began with a
theme, then a secondhand book on that theme was purchased, pulled to pieces,
reworked and reconstructed.  I struck several problems along the way and wondered if
any of you have suggestions.

To begin with, pulling the book apart when the spine is glued together - is
there an easy way of dissolving the glue without damaging the pages?

Next - I painted over all the pages roughly with gauche, but it didn't seem
to be the best medium as a base - the acrylic paint and shellac based india ink
over the top is peeling off a little.  Could anyone recommend a good base for
working on old paper?

Last of all - the copyright issue.  I had no first hand knowledge of the
theme, so it was an entirely library researched book.  The finished book has a
scrapbook look to it, with photocopies, inkjet prints, quotes, and short articles
(all attributed to the relevant photographers and authors).  It is a one-off
work, and for Australian copyright laws, falls under 'educational purposes'.
In the future, is it best to avoid any subject that I don't have first hand
knowledge of, or is there another way of documenting a subject that doesn't
infringe on copyright?

The final book was sewn back together flat, about a centimetre from the
spine, with the original hardcover covered with padded Thai silk, embroidered and
painted, and the dust cover collaged and used as endpapers.  Not a bad effort
for 50 cents, but open to improvement.  Please direct me towards the archives
if these questions have already been answered.

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