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Re: [BKARTS] Wooden letters for printing

        It seems that you are talking about wood type for letterpress
printing, which was the typical way of printing text in sizes larger
than about one inch tall. There is quite a bit of wood type available
these days, and where you get it (and how much you pay for it) has a lot
to do with the uses you plan.
        If you're thinking about actually printing from it, you will
need to purchase full fonts of type with all the letters included. The
sans serif, usually condensed, faces that were often used for things
like newspaper headlines and store signage are quite readily available
in sizes from one to six inches or so in height.
        If instead you are looking to collect fancy, original, antique
faces, you can find them from a few sources, including on-line on eBay,
but they can get pretty pricey (upwards of $200 or so per font.)
        But if your intention is to use the type for things like arts
and crafts projects, and you are less concerned about complete fonts or
specific sizes and styles, you can often find "block mix" assortments on
eBay (or the occasional antique dealer) at quite reasonable prices.
        Finally, if you want the best and don't care whether it is
antique, the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Wisconsin (which is the
current incarnation of what used to be the largest wood type
manufacturing company) still produces and sells brand-new type, by the
piece or by the font, in a variety of sizes and styles (but at a
relatively steep price.)
        Good luck with your search, and have fun checking out the links

-David S. Rose
 Five Roses Press
 New York, NY


Hamilton Wood Type Museum

Jim Heagy

Chad Pastotnik
mailto:atgreenman@xxxxxxxx or (231) 587-0506

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From: Book Denyce Aresti
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Subject: Wooden letters for printing

Hello all!

Was wondering if anyone is familiar with a shop in Paris that sells
wonderful wooden letters in all shapes and sizes...I saw some examples
in a shop in Brighton, England where I live and the shopkeeper said she
found them in a shop near the Sacre Coeur...I know the information is a
bit woolly, but if anyone knows the exact location or the name, that
would be great.

Brighton, England

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