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Re: [BKARTS] Update

In a message dated 7/9/03 6:33:17 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
paper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> I've updated the Mission Creek Press website and added images of new
> artist's books, as well as ordering information for the newest (and long
> overdue) printing of "Paper at Home: A Beginner's Guide to Making Paper in
> the Kitchen or Classroom".
> I appreciate off-list notes about those pesky and inevitable typos (it's
> tough to edit your own work...).
> Start at the beginning...
> http://www.missioncreekpress.com
> Straight to new work...
> http://www.missioncreekpress.com/newwork.htm
> An overview of all artist's books and blank journals...
> http://www.missioncreekpress.com/artistsbooks.htm
> Info about "Paper at Home: A Beginner's Guide..."
> http://www.missioncreekpress.com/contact.htm
> Thanks -
> Roberta Lavadour
> Pendleton, Oregon
> paper@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> http://www.missioncreekpress.com

Will mention in next issue--Mike

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