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Re: [BKARTS] cheap & easy substitute bone folders

Hi Jen:

I do a number of library book repair workshops, as well as, children's
book repair workshops in Maine and I understand your situation. I put
book repair kits together for them and it can get costly.

I do know that Talas sells a nice small bone folder for about $4.50.
However, if you want cheaper, Highsmith (a library supply vendor) sells
plastic bones folders for prices varying between $1.30 and $1.40.

Item No. L41-17699. Plastic, straight bone folder, 8" long.   If you
order 1-2, the cost is $1.30 each. If you order 3 or more, the cost goes
down to $1.20.

Item No. L41-16861.  Plastic, angled bone folder, 8: long. If you order
1-2, the cost is $1.40. If you order 3 or more, the cost goes down to $1.30.

Highsmith Phone number: 1-800-558-2119

If anyone else know if inexpensive bone folders, I would be intersted as
well. Another item that I find can be expensive are the microspatulas.
However, talas sells them for $3.50, which I think is pretty good.

Hope the information helps you and other out.

Anastasia Weigle
Warren Memorial Library
479 Main Street
Westbrook, ME  04092

Owner, "In A Bind" Studio
10 Longwood Avenue
Old Orchard Beach, ME

Jen Loewen wrote:


I'm teaching a one hour bookbinding class to first year drawing
class.  There are 24 students in the class and don't have enough bone
folders for them all.  I have some old knifes that I think will work
for ripping, but I'm looking for an inexpensive way to substitute the
bone folders.  I'm teaching them a pamphlet binding, which the will
have to fold and rip a large piece of drawing paper.  This is a one
time teaching gig so I don't want to make a big investment, in fact,
I'd prefer not to spend any money

Any suggestions?



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