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[BKARTS] Re:   BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 15 Jul 2003 to 16 Jul 2003 (#2003-194)

bone folders

a thumbnail makes an acceptable substitute for a bone folder and most
students have them as well as the manual dexterity to used them. Not to hot for
production but for pamphlet work it ok if you are nimble.
Bone folders are really absolute in necessity and in the end a wise and
affordable   investment for any workshop, they store easily and are renewable.
Gentleman Jim Croft's are about the best and he will discount the raw
material so a student with a hunk of sandpaper and some work release can make a
custom tool that will be the envy of the other inmates.

Gotta go before I get into something I can't get out of!
exoselecticus fimo


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