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Re: [BKARTS] Text software

The Q & A at the top of the page of the Cancun sample
is exquisite.

Kathy Wolford, Pa., kathleenwolford@xxxxxxxxx

--- Jules Siegel <siegel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> on 7/17/03 5:57 PM, Meghan Merker at
> gamblergraphics@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > The main problem with using InDesign is that not
> as many commercial printers
> > can work from InDesign files. But if you are doing
> your own books, that's not
> > an issue.
> InDesign is the best page layout program I've ever
> used. When combined with
> OpenType it offers typographic refinements that
> rival hand-set metal type.
> Take a look at
> http://www.cafecancun.com/bookarts/opentype.pdf for
> an idea
> of what this means. The document was created in
> InDesign 2.0.
> One of the great advantages of InDesign is that it
> exports perfect Acrobat
> PDF that are acceptable by most printers and can be
> imported into Quark. You
> can also export your documents as EPS. I've been
> using InDesign to create
> ads and other items in Cancun, some of them for
> publications in the United
> States.
> A few days ago, a client received a call from the
> Ritz-Carlton magazine
> (which is printed at Reader's Digest Press)
> complimenting them on how well
> constructed our ad was -- the only one that they
> were able to use without
> extensive corrections and back and forth with the
> designer.
> My book, Mad Laughter (which I've mentioned here
> before) is designed with
> InDesign 2.0.
> --
> http://www.cafecancun.com/bookarts/jsiegel.htm
> Apdo 1764 77501-Cancun Q. Roo Mexico
> 1[52-998]883-3629
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