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Re: [BKARTS] Text software

on 7/17/03 7:12 PM, Chris at chapman0603@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> And from what I understand, InDesign still has a few bugs.
All programs have bugs. I haven't run into any InDesign bugs.

> Most printing companies work with Macs and the other programs cause major
> headaches.
InDesign is 100% cross-platform compatible. I have both Windows and
Macintosh versions. Either one will open the other's files, automatically
substituting the correct Windows and Macintosh fonts if they are available.

In other words, if you are using the Macintosh version of Bembo, and you
have the Windows version on another system, InDesign will choose the correct
font, even though the naming conventions are different. InDesign will also
read Windows TrueType fonts on a Macintosh system.

Since InDesign exports 100% Adobe PostScript and Acrobat files, almost any
printer or service bureau can accept their files. There are a few
imagesetters that have outdated RIPs that will cause problems, but that also
happens for Quark files.

I think the fact that I can actually earn a living as a graphic designer in
Cancun using InDesign and Photoshop speaks for itself. This is about as
remote a location as you can be in. We have state of the art service bureaus
and printers as well as some rather retarded local printers, publications
and graphic design studios. I have yet to have a compatibility problem that
I couldn't solve using these two programs.

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