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Re: [BKARTS] Text software

My experience is that the initial software used to create your pages is
less important than discovering a way to paginate the book for
gathering and folding (assuming a multi signature book). Just making
the choice to print single leaves back-to-back complicates a project
orders of magnitude beyond single sided cut sheets!

I have one customer who writes his journal in Word, paginates it with
ClickBooks, does his own output and ships me folded signatures for
binding. Word is not my preferred layout software but he is comfortable
with it, creating very nice pieces, richly illustrated with photos.

I have never used ClickBooks (ClikBooks?) but know that their Windows
version has received more update attention than their Apple version.

I have bound work for clients from provided Word documents and
PowerPoint documents. After 30 years as a graphic artist I have my
prejudices. I don't consider either of these to be proper tools for
book design. I'm a binder not though and my job is make books, not
evangelize my customers. I deal with these 'off' files in the same way:
beg or borrow a machine with the proper software and fonts, then output
the file as a PDF.

PDF's have been mentioned in connection with InDesign but the truth is,
any file you can print can be converted to a PDF. Once I have a PDF
appropriate for single-sided cut sheet output I take it down to my pals
at my favorite commercial printer (they have a graphics dept., film and
plate services and a huge array of offset, letterpress and bindery
equipment). I have the PDF paginated in precisely the way I want and
re-output as a paginated PDF with crop and fold marks.

With my new PDF, I open Acrobat at home and print the file, even pages
only, front to back. Then I re-insert the paper in the printer and
print the file odd pages only, back to front. Take the sheets out, fold
the signatures, and away we go!

PageMaker ships with a booklet maker plug-in that does a fine job for
turning book layouts into files that will print 4 folio signatures for
binding. I use it often because of this feature. Not many bells and
whistles in these paginations but the finished book is
indistinguishable from and elaborate quatro or octavo pagination done
at the commercial printers (and I can do it without leaving the studio!)

Bottom line, explore ClickBooks, professional PDF pagination or other
pathways to create the sheets you want, do the layout in whatever gets
the job done given your skills and requirements. There is no pressing
reason to invest in expensive software and a steep learning curve
unless you can't do the job you want in your existing software.

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

IM: stitchbyhand
(510) 537-9711

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