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Re: [BKARTS] Text software

PDF's have been mentioned in connection with InDesign but the truth is,
any file you can print can be converted to a PDF.

I mentioned that PDFs are a jif to make with ID. Yes, PDFs can be made in myriad of ways, my point was that it is as easy as a click of a button in ID.

Bottom line, explore ClickBooks, professional PDF pagination or other
pathways to create the sheets you want, do the layout in whatever gets
the job done given your skills and requirements. There is no pressing
reason to invest in expensive software and a steep learning curve
unless you can't do the job you want in your existing software.

I agree with Don Drake's comments on using what you have, what you can afford, what works. However, just as we bookbinders "tool up" with good cutters, professional skiving knifes, strong presses, etc. it sometimes makes sense to tool up in the digital realm. Time, after all, is money. Some time and money spent up front on a powerful software tool that saves time and money in the long run is a smart investment for some but for sure not everyone. We recently invested in an archival ink jet printer that was more money than we wanted to spend, but did the math on the cost savings of having a service bureau produce our high-quality printing needs and it won't take long to pay for itself and after that we'll be saving money.

On the other hand and to contradict my own point, it often makes
sense to stick to doing what you know how to do best (and quite
possibly enjoy most) and pay others (in this case professional PDF
pagination) to perform certain tasks. Though I'm sure I could learn
how to do it, I have yet to change the oil in my car.....

BTW, I've enjoyed the conversation on software and hearing how others
approach the topic.

Julie Sullivan

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