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Re: [BKARTS] Text software-What each is good for

on 7/18/03 12:28 PM, Ben Wiens at ben@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I chose Corel Ventura as the best all around, most powerful, and flexible
> desktop publishing program. It has almost everything you need in the basic
> bundle.

Except complete OpenType features. You have to be a dedicated professional
typographer to understand why that is so important.

Example: OpenType automatically makes regular and discretionary ligatures,
true small caps, swash characters, and old style numerals if you specify
this in the paragraph or character style. You don't have to search and
replace using an expert set font, which uses the character W to call the fi
glyph and so on. This makes spell checking a hassle. The InDesign spell
check program automatically recognizes the ligatures for their character
equivalents, not the glyph, however.

I agree that Ventura is otherwise the most capable publishing program for
long documents, but it just doesn't have the typographic refinement of
InDesign. The Corel graphics programs are excellent, but the files must be
exported in the appropriate format in order to be used in external programs.
They are frequently not very editable. I find that I can't use Corel jpegs
in Photoshop, for example. Despite this, I prefer Corel Draw to Illustrator
for logotypes and the like.

InDesign is 100% compatible with both Photoshop and Illustrator and uses
many of the same menus and tools. It preserves almost all the attributes of
their files, including transparency and gradation. Illustrator files can be
edited directly in InDesign. Since Illustrator and Photoshop are the de
facto standard for graphic arts production, this saves a lot of time in

In Design is perfect for doing a standard commercial book with page and
section numbering. It does have some very bare referencing features, such as
Table of Contents and Index, and it has very powerful paragraph and
character styles. Some long structured document features are available as a
plug-in from Virginia Systems, and others will be scripted by other
developers, as InDesign's scripting capabilities are very strong.

Despite these factors it still does not match either Ventura or Framemaker
for long documents out of the box. It is much easier to learn, though.  All
in all, I like it so much that I dropped some refinements such footnotes and
numbered paragraphs from my book designs. If the latest version of Ventura
supported full OpenType integration, I wouldn't have had to do that.

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