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Re: [BKARTS] Text software-What each is good for

I also use several programs for designing, composing and printing.  I
second what both Ben and Jules say, and I would love to have a Ventura with
Open Type features.  I too use Windows XP Professional, so nothing below is
germane to Mac users.

I also use two imposition/printer driver programs, ClickBook and
FinePrint.  I use ClickBook mainly to print small makeup jobs in book runs,
as FinePrint and many other programs have trouble printing only one sheet
out of a sectioned book.  I use FinePrint for print runs of books, as it
does a good job on multiples.  These programs help me to make use of
programs like Word and Publisher for simple books.  I will use the simplest
program available that does what I need done.

Here are some complaints:

FinePrint is indeed fine as far as it goes, but it does not have full
imposition controls.  In fact, Ventura is the only one that seems to have
this out of the box.  For long runs it is a dynamic driver that manages
multiple copies from a single print image.

Ventura is a memory hog.  It also seems to have memory leaks, so it really
wants to run alone in many cases.  Especially in a heavily illustrated book
with full resolution, of course.  I have lots of disc space, but it still
uses up my main memory really fast.

ClickBook used to have crashitis, but it is much better under XP.  However,
it does not repeat print well, as it does not use the repeat feature
available for some printers and drivers.  It just dumps the file over and
over, which gets out of hand quickly.

I find that many of the Adobe programs are less capable than I was led to
believe, and I find it extraordinary how narrow is the range of
acceptability in commercial printers.  I think the only hope is pdf.

One last comment for those of us who are printing editions on the
desktop:  Try to get a duplex printer.  Otherwise, double feeds will kill
you.  You may still get double feeds in a duplex printer, but it will only
lose you a sheet of two (see my comment above about printing makeups),
whereas a double feed in a manual duplex run can lose you most of your run.

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Gavin Stairs Fine Editions
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