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Re: [BKARTS] Text software-Unicode and OpenType

on 7/19/03 10:56 AM, Ben Wiens at ben@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Does anyone know if Unicode and OpenType support is a really big issue, or
> will be with both publishers and individuals producing books?

It will be the biggest issue of the decade. For those who are unfamiliar
with the topic, current technology allows 256 characters per font. Unicode
enables more than 65,000. Among other features, this enables the full
Chinese character set to be displayed. I believe that the foremost appeal of
Unicode is its ability to handle all the world's languages, especially the
non-alphanumeric and mixed systems.

OpenType is an implementation of Unicode. I described its features in an
earlier message so I won't repeat them, except to say that it has solved
most of my typographic problems. I can finally set optically correct type on
my computer with all of the refinements usually only found in high end
service bureaus. I believe that this a principal reason InDesign is being
adopted by so many major publishers. The Guardian/Observer group is now in
the process of moving to InDesign.

Since you are such a great researcher -- really -- you might check out the
market for multilingual publishing, for starters.

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