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Re: [BKARTS] Text software-Unicode and OpenType

> It will be the biggest issue of the decade. For those who are
> unfamiliar with the topic, current technology allows 256
> characters per font. Unicode enables more than 65,000. Among
> other features, this enables the full Chinese character set
> to be displayed. I believe that the foremost appeal of
> Unicode is its ability to handle all the world's languages,
> especially the non-alphanumeric and mixed systems.

And Unicode 4.0 - the latest version - has even more than a 100,000
finalized character assignments, and some 900,000 assignments reserved
for future use.

Unicode indeed makes life easier for people working with translations
and creation of multilingual text. However, bear in mind that although
Unicode in itself has these 100,000 character assigments, there is
actually no existing typeface that could be called a full Unicode
typeface. The closest shot is Arial MS Unicode, which covers some 51,180
character assignments. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but
something that should be kept in mind. People who are involved in
multilingual typesetting rather use Unicode typefaces that cover the
desired parts of the Unicode range.

The most common misundestanding is that Unicode is a program (which it
is not), or that it is a typeface (which it is not). To work with
Unicode you will need a Unicode compliant typeface and a software that
supports Unicode.

All the best,
Mats Broberg

Stockholm - Sweden

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