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[BKARTS] Book Arts Center in Hawaii?

I'm a fledgling letterpress/book arts enthusiast who, out of
frustration, got it into my head to see what could be done to get
together a center/teaching facility for letterpress and the book arts in
Hawaii. I've talked to several people to see what the atmosphere is like
among "the masses," and if people would be interested in seeing this
come into being.

What I idyllically imagine is a co-op or workspace for individuals to
learn and practice the Book Arts: paper making, book making,
letterpress, etc., similar to the Honolulu Printmakers, a local facility
for other types of Printmaking (etching, monoprints, etc), or the
Minnesota Center for Book Arts.

Right now, I am trying to get people out of the woodwork, so I can gage
how much interest there is in the Book Arts in Hawaii.  I am just
starting my research into this, and talking to people individually as I
come across their names so that I can get the opinions of established
artists in Hawaii.  I think that the interest in Book Arts in Hawaii is
or has the possibility to be larger than we perceive it to be, and it is
my hope that there can ultimately be a facility in which courses could
be taught, equipment could be used, and most importantly, the knowledge
of book arts and letterpress could be propagated.

If anyone is interested in, or who would be supportive in this type of
endeavor, please feel free to pass on my email BookArts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I would appreciate any feedback that people can provide - including what
steps are necessary from a business point of view, stories of successful
centers getting started, or even horror stories that can give ma a clue
as how not to do things.

Faye Stephens

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