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[BKARTS] New Press / Rare John DePol printing

Hello everyone. I am new to this list, so please forgive me if I'm
committing a faux-pas.

My new press, Living Forge Inc, is going to be putting out its first
publication in August. It is a poetry collection entitled (appropriately)
"Living Forge." To celebrate I am doing a limited edition run of Living
Forge with a rare John DePol engraving that has been in my family since it
was commissioned by my grandfather in 1961.

The engraving depicts the house that Mark Twain inhabited when he lived in
Buffalo in the early 1870's. My grandfather commissioned the engraving to
serve as the frontispiece to a special edition called "Mark Twain On The
Art Of Writing" printed by the Salisbury Club of Buffalo. 350 copies of
that edition were produced. Since then, the block has been in our family
collection and rarely used. It is my estimate that under 400 prints were
ever made from the block. I do not know how many of the original Salisbury
Club "Mark Twain On The Art Of Writing" editions have survived as I have
only ever seen my personal copy. I have also done some light research and
have not found any library collections or other editions that feature this

I recently contacted Mr. DePol to discuss this engraving and his exact
words were, "it is one of my favorites." He was also delighted to find out
that we have been preserving the blocks all these years as he previously
had no idea what had become of them.

I thought that I would announce this to a community of people who would
fully appreciate the opportunity to add a rare piece of American wood
engraving history to their collections.

The Limited Edition of Living Forge will sell for ten dollars plus
shipping and handling (normally about $1.50).

Interested parties may contact me to order the limited edition or to ask
more questions at



Jonathan W. Senchyne
4004 Hardt Rd
Eden, NY 14057

If you wish to order you may write a check for the amount of 11.50 (for
each edition) to

Living Forge, Inc

and send it to

Jonathan W. Senchyne
4004 Hardt Rd
Eden, NY 14057

Please be sure to include your shipping address.

Thank you.

I hope you are as excited about this DePol printing as I am.

Jonathan W. Senchyne
Editor, Living Forge

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