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Re: [BKARTS] woodblock wood

I have used basswood and it holds up quite well for a while. If I am aiming
for a longer lifespan of my block, though, I prefer cherry. Wonderful to
carve, but it is harder and takes longer. But again, there is nothing quite
like it for carving. I have heard pear is good as well, but have never tried


Vernon Wiering
Wiering Books
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on 7/23/03 6:03 PM, Don Drake at ddrake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>> Does anyone on the list have other suggestions on decent wood that
>> hopefully
>> would not be so hard that it aggravates a wrist/shoulder injury?
>> Robyn
> Robyn
> Basswood (i believe) is a preferred carving wood. Excellent working
> characteristics...but would it hold up to block printing? Worth a try
> perhaps.
> Don Drake
> Dreaming Mind
> ddrake@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> IM: stitchbyhand
> http://www.dreamingmind.com
> http://www.hughstump.com
> (510) 537-9711

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