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[BKARTS] What's in a name?

I realize that questions about terminology can open a big can of worms, but
this query refers to a relatively recent structure that may not have such
complicated roots.

Is there an established name for the basic eight page structure that is
folded down from a single sheet of paper, shown at:

I suspect that Peggy called this particular project a "stroke book" because
it was about mark making.

Another can of worms....does anyone know the origin of this structure? It's
such an intuitive design, I would assume it's one of those things that
cropped up simultaneously and was "discovered" by a myraid of people who
work with paper. It may have also grown out of the "Mathmatical Puzzles and
Diversions" experiments - does anyone have an educated guess?

Thanks for everyone's time -

Roberta Lavadour - Pendleton, Oregon
New work:
Paper at Home: A Beginner's Guide

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