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Re: [BKARTS] pocket sketchbook ideas

I'm a fan of cloth softcover books, which would be excellent as simple
sketchbooks or notebooks. Cloth softcover books were popular as schoolbooks
in 1900-1930s and widely used as pocket songbooks and bibles too. Most cloth
softcovers were sewn bindings with the thin cloth glued onto the first and
last pages of the signatures and onto the spine. The cover is quite flexible
but just stiff enough to prevent bending back when sliding into a pocket.
These lay flat when opened and are very durable.

I looked at some in museums in Alberta this summer and most are still in
good condition. Cloth softcover books are considered to be more durable in
many cases than cloth hardcover books as is the case for many limpcovers.
The advantage of using cloth for the cover compared to leather is that the
cloth can be easily printed by various means such as silk screen and so are
more colorful. Colored cloth was often used along with black or darker inks
for the printing. Glued cloth softcover books were also made but these
involve a more elaborate endpaper system. Limpcovers are great because you
can have them in your back pocket and sit on them. The spine curls but can
be straightened out when removed from the pocket provided that flexible glue
is used.

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-----Original Message-----
Hello all,
i have received a request for a pocket-sized sketchbook, something small =
enough to fit into someone's back pocket in their jeans.  So i was =
wondering- what sort of binding would you use?  i'm thinking maybe a =
Japanese stitch binding, with a semi-soft cover.  Also, what would you =
use for the cover?  i need something stiff enough to offer some =
protection to the inside pages, but soft enough to give when stuck in =
someone's back pocket.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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