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[BKARTS] Workshops and Classes in RI

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to let you know that we have fun and unique classes and
workshops running at The Printed Page, in Pawtucket, RI this summer.
There are still spaces available in many of the classes. Below is a list
of a few coming up in the next few weeks, but if you would like to see
the full listing go to our website: www.printedpage.net
<http://www.printedpage.net/> , or send me an email with your address
and I'll send you a flyer.
Jessica Evans


The Artist Book Intensive Week
Instructor: Jessica Evans
Date: Monday -Thursday, August 4-7, 10am-4pm
Fee: $325 (plus a $30 supply fee)
Limit: 6
Art camp for adults! In this four day intensive class we will examine
all of the details that go into preparing and editioning an artist's
book from start to finish. This is an excellent opportunity to combine
creative writing, printmaking and book binding. There will be class time
to learn about and experiment with etching, monoprinting and Gocco
printing techniques in order to create a series of images that enhance
your chosen theme or story. There will be instruction in letterpress if
you choose to set the words to your writing by hand. We will also
examine a variety of binding techniques to turn your books into works of
art. Innovation in binding will be emphasized. Each student will go home
with a small edition of artist books.
Book Arts Sampler
Instructor: Jessica Evans
Date: 4 Sessions, Tuesdays, August 19-September 9, 10-12:30
Fee: $145 (plus a $20 supply fee)
Limit: 6
This class is perfect for the beginner to the book arts, or for those
who already know a few of the basics, but want some more time to
experiment and practice skills. Spend time working in the papermaking
studio, learning techniques to create your own beautiful handmade papers
from common plants and fibers. Then, make your own unique journals,
scrapbooks and sketchbooks using simple methods. You will make a variety
of hard and soft cover books.
Printmaking Sampler
Instructor: Jessica Evans
Date: 4 Sessions, Thursdays, September 4-26, 10am-1pm
Fee: $165 (plus a $25 supply fee)
Limit: 6
Printmaking is the art of transferring an image created on a plate
(plastic, metal.) onto a piece of paper. If you've ever wondered what
monoprinting, intaglio printing, lithography or linoleum printing is all
about, this would be a great class to experiment with a variety of
different printmaking methods. Create beautiful art to hang on your
walls or give as gifts. Work with monoprinting, intaglio printing, and
block printing.


Leather Longstitch Workshop
Instructor: Sarah Meyer
Dates: Tuesday, July 29, 6-9
Fee: $65 (plus a $15 supply fee)
Limit: 8
In this workshop, students will become familiar with the basic
longstitch technique of bookbinding using soft leather covers. We will
complete one longstitch book to take home, and will learn about other
decorative spine techniques.
Recycle your Rubbish!
Instructor: Sarah Meyer
Dates: 2 Sessions, Wednesdays July 30- August 6, 6-9pm
Fee: 90 (plus a $15 supply fee)
Limit: 8
Students in this workshop will learn to see their envelopes, receipts,
paper bags, tickets, and old letters in a whole new light as we create a
coptic-bound personal planner/sketchbook using pre-existing resources.
In this workshop, we will consider how to design a book to fulfill
individual needs, from pockets for business cards to dividers for
different realms activities.
The Elegant Album
Instructor: Jessica Evans
Dates: Sunday, August 3, 10am-4pm
Fee: $95 (plus a $25 supply fee)
Limit: 8
In this one day workshop students will focus on creating one large
exposed spine book that can be used for sketching, journaling or
gorgeous photo albums. Exposed spine bindings make decorative hard cover
books that may be as lovely as what you put inside. Decorative spine
stitching techniques will be emphasized.
Ethiopian Scroll
Instructor: Steven Daiber
Dates: Friday, August 8, 10am-4pm
Fee: $115 (plus a $25 supply fee)
Limit: 8
Ethiopian scrolls are personal prayer books. The length of the scroll is
determined by the individual's height. With this simple structure we
will explore dreams, personal values and histories. This class will use
painting, drawing - markmaking, and collage to create a personal
document. Students can bring drawing and painting supplies, pictures,
paper and other material for collage. Otherwise, materials will be
Slate Books
Instructor: Steven Daiber
Dates: Saturday and Sunday, August 9/10, 10am-4pm
Fee: $205 (plus a $25 supply fee)
Limit: 8
Taking a hint from Daniel Kelm's wire edge binding we will explore books
made with slate. We will make an accordion and a codex book structure.
Formed from silt, slate's natural shearing makes it a great substitute
material for paper or book boards.
The Quahog Box
Instructor: Suzi Cozzens
Dates: Tuesday, August 12, 10am-4pm
Fee: $95 (plus a $20 supply fee)
Limit: 8
A box is an amazing and versatile structure. The clamshell (quahog) box
functions like a shell, opening on a pivotal hinge. Participants in this
workshop learn about techniques, tools and materials as they build their
box with binders board , cloth and decorative papers. Join us to build
beautiful boxes that can be used to hold a variety of contents- books,
baubles, treasures or trinkets. Suzi will provide various examples for
inspiration and demonstrates variations on the basic form.
Two- and Four- Needle Coptic Stitch Books
Instructor: Ann Kingman
Dates: Friday, August 22, 10am-4pm
Fee: $95 (plus a $20 supply fee)
Limit: 8
You will learn an ancient method of book binding that has been in
existence since the 4th century. The exposed stitch binding is beautiful
to look at and allows the book to open flat for easy writing or
sketching. Create two blank books -- one using the 2-needle coptic
stitch, and one using a 4-needle coptic stitch. By the end of the class,
you will be able to adapt these stitches to books of any size and
design. Each book is covered in beautiful decorative papers. No sewing
or bookbinding experience is necessary.
Books as Vessels
Instructor: Val Van Sice
Dates: Thursday and Friday, August 28/29, 10am-4pm
Fee: $205 (plus a $20 supply fee)
Limit: 8
Around the world and throughout time, every culture that has had a
written language has devised its own vessels to contain and preserve its
ideas. We will explore historical structures from China, India, Latin
America & Japan. For the artist today, these structures present unique
opportunities for different kinds of content. Participants make one of
each of these forms as well as a simple edition for a class trade.
Make Your Own Book Cloth
Instructor: Val Van Sice
Dates: Saturday, August 30, 10am-2pm
Fee: $75 (plus a $15 supply fee)
Limit: 8
Book cloth can be an elegant material for your book covers. Making your
own book cloth is very easy & can save money, as well as expand your
possibilities for book coverings. This method can also be very handy for
solutions to other creative problems. It can expand the capabilities of
your printer or copier. With this method, you can get away with using
material that would ordinarily be too fragile for your purposes.
Crying When Your Fugitive Color Leaves You
Conservation from a Creator's Viewpoint
Instructor: Val Van Sice
Dates: Saturday, August 30, 3-6pm
Fee: $65 (plus a $15 supply fee)
Limit: 8
The words fadeproof, lightfast or fade resistant do not necessarily mean
the same thing. The same word on two different products may not even
have the same level of fade resistance. This workshop will talk about
what is really going on when color fades & what the standards out there
mean in practical terms. It will focus on how to create a book of
samples that will be a meaningful measure of the permanence of materials
used in one's own studio.* The purpose of this is NOT to give a list of
do's and don'ts, but rather to better understand the limitations of the
materials one uses for more informed decision-making. *Students may wish
to bring any paint, ink, colored pencils, markers, paper, board or other
substances they work with. Otherwise, materials will be provided.


Polaroid Image Transfer
Instructor: Ann Kingman
Date: Friday, August 1, 10am-3pm
Fee: $75 (plus a $25 supply fee)
Limit: 8
Artistic transformation of photographs is an art form with wide appeal;
the Polaroid Image Transfer process is one such transformation that is
fun, easy to do, and requires only a small investment in equipment.
Students will learn how to make prints from 35mm slides and then
transfer them to paper. The result is a unique, artistic rendering of
the original photograph. A second transfer process, Polaroid Emulsion
Lift, will also be demonstrated and students will have the opportunity
to experiment with that method. Students should bring a selection of
35mm slides or slides will be provided for class use. Your slides will
not be damaged
Gyotaku (Fish Printing)
Instructor: Sandra Solomon
Dates: Section 1: 2 Sessions, Mondays, August 11-18, 10am-1pm
           Section 2: 2 Sessions, Tuesdays, September 16-23, 6-9pm
Fee: $85 (plus a $15 supply fee)
Limit: 6
A new printmaking adventure! Use realistic fish replicas, rolled up with
ink or paint, and apply the image to paper or cloth. Use prints to
create unique fabric (clothing), greeting cards and prints to frame. The
possibilities are endless. We will experiment with a variety of prints
and papers.
Advanced Intaglio
Instructor: Louise Kohrman
Dates: 4 Sessions, Tuesdays, August 12-September 2, 6-9
Fee: $205 (plus a $35 supply fee)
Limit: 6
Students with basic intaglio experience will be able to further develop
their technical skills. Basic drypoint, hardground and aquatint
techniques will be reviewed and elaborated on and more advanced methods
such as spit bite will be taught. Students will be encouraged to develop
an image using multiple techniques on one plate. Color proofing and
printing will be introduced so that students can explore their imagery
on a level beyond that of black and white. Previous intaglio experience
is recommended.
Instructor: Kathleen Cammarata
Dates: Wednesday and Thursday, August 13/14, 9am-3pm
Fee: $195 (plus a $25 supply fee)
Limit: 6
Monoprinting is an exciting and experimental medium. As a cousin to
painting, it can enhance as well as loosen up one's work. It encourages
new approaches to subject matter, color and texture. This workshop is an
opportunity to explore these possibilities. An 11 x 14 x 1/8" Plexiglas
plate will be provided, as well as Rives BFK printmaking paper. Feel
free to bring other Plexiglas plates, at least 1/8" thick, and
experimental papers with you.
Monoprinting with an Intaglio Plate
Instructor: Louise Kohrman
Dates: Saturday and Sunday, August 16/17, 10am-4pm
Fee: $205 (plus a $30 supply fee)
Limit: 6
Students will create a set matrix on an etched copper plate using
intaglio techniques. A variable edition will then be printed using
colored etching inks to monoprint. The use of transparent etching base
to create subtle color shifts will be covered. Alla poupe inking and
wiping techniques, the use of surface rolls and painting directly on the
plate to enhance the intaglio image will be taught. The combination of
intaglio and monoprinting will encourage the artist to develop a series
of several printed ideas based on one image. No printmaking experience
is required.
Multiple Plate Color Intaglio
Instructor: Louise Kohrman
Dates: 4 Sessions, Mondays August 18-September 8, 6-9
Fee: $205 (plus a $35 supply fee)
Limit: 6
In this advanced intaglio class, students will develop one multiple
color image through three plates. Color printing, the use of a key image
plate, plate registration, image transferring, proofing and editioning
will be introduced. Students can expect to both conceptually and
technically develop one multiple color image to completion. By the end
of the class, each participant will have printed a small edition.
Previous experience in intaglio is recommended.
Drypoint Workshop
Instructor: Louise Kohrman
Dates: Saturday and Sunday, August 23/24, 10am-4pm
Fee: $205 (plus a $30 supply fee)
Limit: 6
Drypoint is a form of intaglio printmaking which does not use any acid.
Instead, a needle is used to directly scratch into the copper plate. A
resulting burr is created which when inked and wiped prints an exquisite
rich tone. Traditionally drypoints are printed in black. The use of
different blacks and transparent blacks in addition to color will be
introduced. Basic line drypoint and tonal drypoint techniques as well as
scraping and burnishing will be covered. Students will learn multiple
plate printing and the use of surface rolls to enhance their key image.
By the end of the class, students will have printed trial proofs and
final prints. No previous printmaking experience is required.

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