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Re: [BKARTS] pocket sketch books

I most often carry mine in a pack or in a vest pocket along with my other
art supplies. (Fly fishermen's vests work great for transporting art
supplies and sketchbooks if there's a lot to carry.  Otherwise one of those
little over-the- shoulder guide's packs (sort of like a purse) work really
well if it's just pencils, small sketchbook, a few pens or a field type
watercolor set).
    Basically, I'm interested in something that will work well for me in the
field and enable me to produce the best work I can as easily as possible
(Read:  I need all the help I can get!) and what I described is what I've
found to be most functional.
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> >     The easiest commercial ones I've found to use are those that are
> > constructed with hard covers and sizable metal rings along the spine
> > so that the book can be doubled back on itself when in use.
> Ouch! Can you imagine how that would feel in the artist's back pocket!  ;
> -)
> Lavinia

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