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[BKARTS] Fw: [BKARTS] No Subject

It would be really helpful if the location (City, State, etc.) of workshops
and exhibits were included in the subject line of the posting email.
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From: "Barbara Harman" <ArtSurvive@xxxxxxx>
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Sent: Friday, July 25, 2003 12:57 PM
Subject: [BKARTS] No Subject

> Upcoming workshops with Barbara Harman
> Creating Pattern: Combinations in Painting, August 11-12
> Why just use a brush? Expand your acrylic painting possibilities to
> printing and collage. We will experiment with acrylic and paste solutions,
> vegetable printing, stamping from blocks we cut ourselves, collage, roller
> transfers, stencils and anything else we can think up. Choosing and
> techniques to create layered patterns, we will create papers suitable for
> in handmade books, as finished paintings, or as unique references for
> experimentation and future painting. Contact Peninsula Art School for
> and enrollment information. www.peninsulaartschool.com
> Exposed Stitch Binding, August 13-15
> We will create three exposed-stitch books, one for each day of class.
> hard covers enclose beautiful paper suitable for journal writing or
drawing in
> a simple, one-needle coptic binding. Second, a small hard-cover album is
> personalized with your painted concertina spine and end sheets. Window
openings in
> each page stand ready to reveal your photos, poems, drawings or
> Finally, a book you create from one full sheet of Arches Cover, painted on
> both sides. Built on an expandable concertaina (accordion) spine, this
> book seduces from the first page to the last, from its decorative spine to
> multi-layered interior. These three books will encourage your creative
> experimentation in sewing, collage, cutting, tearing, weaving and
manipulation. Contact
> Peninsula Art School, www.peninsulaartschool.com, for registration.
> Barbara  is also offering art workshops in her home studio. Enrollment is
> limited to four students (so lots of individual attention). Upcoming
> are scheduled for August 30-31 (Monotype) and October 18-19 (Unbinding the
> The Boundless Concertina). For further information, please contact Barbara
> 612-822-5257 or email me at gotopaperworks@xxxxxxxx Complete descriptions
> both workshops can be found on the Workshop pages of Harman’s website:
> www.gotopaperworks.com.

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