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Re: [BKARTS] bone folder production?

> So many people contacted me off list, I have bagged up
> what they asked for, and will ship as soon as I goto
> Office max for boxes. I have about 20 left.
> MaiKätzchen
> --- Anastasia Weigle <aweigle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Silver:
>> Do you really have that many and would you really be
>> interested in
>> making them available to some of us bookbinders?
>> Anastasia Weigle
>> In A Bind Studio
>> Silver MayKitten wrote:
>>> Since I like beef shinbone stew I have a constant
>>> supply of nearly free bone folders. Anyone need a
>>> hundred? fifty? twenty? Any?
>>> MayKitten
>>> --- Edward Stansell <CraftBook@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> After seeing all the postings on bone folder
>>>> substitutes, I have to wonder
>>>> why, when they are relatively inexpensive, are we
>>>> looking for substitutes?  I
>>>> could understand substituting if they were not
>>>> available, which might happen if
>>>> enough people quit buying them.
>>>> Ed S.

I have looked in vain for instructions re.  production of bone folders,
including our FAQ section. Help please!!

Thanks  Raphiel B

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